Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Mark has been a photographer for 30 years, always creating and making. Mark used to live on a sailing catamaran, sailing the Caribbean, Bahamas, and East Coast with his wife and children. He is constantly inspired by light and the color blue. He has been shooting for 30 years and has worked with high-caliber clients such as Vogue and Bon Appetit Magazine. Mark knew he was onto something with his art when he realized he had never before seen art like he was making.

“There’s a stream of light that runs through the future and back again/It penetrates the photographs I will
make years from now and the ones I’ve made in the last days, in the last weeks and the last years/It ran

through Laevo/Through Cylla, Soblu and Nexo/Trivel and Azu.


This light runs through time/My time/My history/And saturates my past/It shines back to a quiet street in
the tiniest of Arkansas towns, to a street light just down the road and in sight of my bedroom window.
I would lay in bed staring at this lamp post/Leaves of summertime danced in front of it /Rain poured

around it/The light glowed blue, and quiet/Worlds were born.


This light awakened my imagination/This was my first time to see light/To see beauty.


I was 9 years old.”

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