Patrick Jones Gallery is a dynamic and engaging space dedicated to showcasing the best contemporary and modern works from both local and international, emerging and established artists. Located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, our gallery offers a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere that encourages dialogue and engagement around contemporary art.


We feature works in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation, and more. Curated by veteran collectors Patrick Jones and Reyne Hirsch, our exhibitions are designed to provoke thought and inspire conversation, while exploring a wide range of themes and ideas.


Our gallery is housed in a modern and spacious building that provides the perfect backdrop for contemporary and modern art. We offer both in-person and virtual events, and our knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions and provide additional information about the art and the artists we represent.


At Patrick Jones Gallery, we believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and we are committed to create a space where visitors can engage with the art and with each other. We welcome visitors of all backgrounds, whether they are seasoned art enthusiasts or new to the world of art. We also collaborate with known corporate and residential businesses and interior designers to give each space that touch of art.


Visit us Tuesday through Saturday and follow us on social media for more updates!


Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones started his life in the world of collecting at a very young age. His passions were mechanical banks, and Tiffany Lamps. He began attending New York auctions as a teen with his father, and has been addicted to collecting ever since.

Today, he is the owner of two Fine Art Galleries offering some of the finest 20th-21st Century Art. His love of Modern, Contemporary & Street Art has exceeded the space in his home and now fills the walls of his Dallas and Austin, Texas galleries.

Reyne Hirsch

Media personality Reyne Hirsch, with an expertise in 20th Century Decorative Arts, is called upon to appraise collectibles ranging from antique watches to $20 million dollar paintings. Her skills are in high demand by investment firms, high end estates and charity auctions.

She is also the Co-Founder of Patrick Jones Gallery, a modern and contemporary art gallery based in Dallas, and The Art Connection Agency, specializing in representing the best emerging and established artist in the art scene.

Hutton Kalik

With a degree in Advertising & Public Relations and a profound knowledge of Modern & Contemporary Art, Hutton is the Gallery Director at PJG. 

He has been with the gallery since the beginning, in 2020 and has helped cultivate countless relationships between artists, art enthusiasts and new collectors. 

Mary Speranza

With a background in Business Management & Luxury Marketing, Mary is the new Marketing Director at PJG. Being born and raised in Italy, art has always been an interesting and fascinating topic for Mary. She moved abroad after graduating High School, bringing an international perspective to the Gallery.



1400 Hi Line Dr. #122
Dallas, TX 75207

Open from

(10am-11am by appointment only): 11am – 7pm

Closed Sunday–Monday

We are also available for private showings.



1400 Hi Line Dr. #122
Dallas, TX 75207
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