Discovering and supporting emerging artists can be an exciting journey for art enthusiasts. At the Patrick Jones Gallery, we believe in presenting a thoughtfully curated selection of artists, catering to both novice, and seasoned, collectors. We would like to share some of the insights to our decisions on collecting with our clients in a monthly blog. This month's focus lies on artists who have been making waves in the media with their artistic contributions. 


Each month, the Patrick Jones Gallery scours social media and the news to find artists that aren't quite "household names" but are shaking up the art world with their designs. 


Below are some of the The Top 10 Artists Making Waves on the Internet: 



Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

Daniel Arsham

My Dog Sighs

Aaron Stansberry

Jesus Pedraglio Belmont

Sylvie Fleury





These are just a few of the many talented artists who are trending online. The internet has created a new platform for artists to share their work with the world, and it has helped to break down traditional barriers between artists and audiences. This has led to a vibrant and exciting new art scene that is constantly evolving.  Follow our newsletter to learn more about emerging artists, and what is trending in the art community.

Burberry x Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada


"This latest project with Burberry was fully approved and monitored by the Environmental Board in El Hierro, Canary Islands. I have always found it important that, when I do create these large-scale pieces, they are created for a reason. I create them because I believe they deserve more of our awareness.


I partnered with Burberry to create this artwork using natural pigments that were carefully washed away using manual turning, wind and local water sources to leave no lasting mark on the landscape. 


While complementing the rocky, undulating landscape created by frozen lava fields, the artwork is designed to work with and respect the island’s natural environment. The rich hues of the Burberry Check are created using non-artificial paints that fade away with wind or water - leaving no trace - and have been approved and monitored by El Hierro’s Environmental Department. The unique installation honours our heritage whilst demonstrating our commitment to pursuing responsible practices for our future.


I have been quietly and diligently working on perfecting my process for the last few years, with my goal was to create large-scale works while ensuring a very low carbon footprint and no negative impact on the environment." - Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.

Gobik x Heliobray


HelioBray is known for his very spontaneous shapes and color schemes. He also has its own roots in Urban Wear Fashion Design. For many years, his work was also the name of a clothing brand. Passionate about vibrant colors, Gobik, a brand well known to cycling lovers, seems to have found an artistic partner to create a new shirt and shorts based on elements with a strong connection to nature, both in their colors and in their content.

Banana Republic Peru x Jesus Pedraglio Belmont


In a collaboration with Banana Republic Peru to bring attention to creatives, Pedraglio took over their store in Larcomar to present his installation: THE ART OF CREATIVITY: volume, color and movement. His work is characterized by intervening spaces and landscapes, and has been presented in national and international exhibitions and fairs.

Big Art. Bigger Change. x Hopare


A committee of Houston community and arts leaders reviewed the pieces for Big Art. Bigger Change. The goal was to reflect the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, which include gender equality, quality education, climate action, and clean water and sanitation. Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, who conceived of the mural series, remarked, “In our homes, we hang photos and paintings to honor our past and express our values. In our city, we install public art to remind us of our history and unite around the values and causes that define us. In Houston, you don’t need an admission ticket to take in breathtaking displays and one-of-a-kind pieces. The expansion of this project brings art to the people, and I’m grateful to Street Art for Mankind’s efforts to democratize an essential part of community life.”

Desert Hot Springs x TRAV


The installation will be TRAV’s largest ever, intended to become a community landmark. “It’s exciting to fast-track a piece of this size, and I love this project,” said Mayor Scott Matas, “It’s the start of something that will become great for our downtown, and we are thrilled to do this during Desert X and the neighboring arts and music festivals.” “This project is one that truly fulfills the mission of our Arts in Public Places effort,” added Interim City Manager Doria Wilms. “The installation will provide enjoyment for all those who live in the area year-round, increase tourism to the City, and really embrace what we are doing to foster arts and economic development.” The City’s Arts in Public Places Fund is maintained through a developer-paid fee that is used exclusively to develop and maintain a visual arts program for residents and visitors of Desert Hot Springs. Additional funds were authorized to improve the area for spectators around the site. Those improvements include exterior painting, lighting and landscaping to enhance the viewing experience of the installation. The mural contains imagery cohesive with the history of Desert Hot Springs, as well as bold patterns and unique compositions.

Hublot x Daniel Arsham


To begin the collaboration, Daniel Arsham will create a Hublot-inspired 20-metre sundial in the Zermatt snowscape in Schwarzee, at 2583m. Hublot loves Daniel Arsham! The Swiss watchmaker continues its quest to be first, unique and different by announcing the American contemporary artist Daniel Arsham as a new Ambassador. Based in New York City, Daniel is known for his powerful works across film, painting,sculpture and installation. He has frequently explored the concept of time throughout his oeuvre, particularly through his Connecting Time series of works and his iconic Hourglass.

Tiffany Haddish & She Ready Foundation Prom x Aaron Stansberry


ABOUT She Ready Foundation: Tiffany Haddish knows all too well what it's like to move from home to home in the middle of the night with all her belongings packed in garbage bags feeling like the world has forgotten about her. That's why she created the She Ready Foundation to empower, support and encourage children living in the foster care system, serving as the voice of foster children suffering in silence. Adopting the belief of its founder that "Every child who is removed from their parents deserves to have a suitcase, a safe place to lay their head, and a platform to follow their dreams," She Ready Foundation aspires to help make this happen through collaborative partnerships. 


"There were gift bag giveaways with products from The Body Butters and exclusive brand activations from Afro Unicorn and Inner City Arts. As an ode to the night, an art activation of a 5x5 foot keepsake prom canvas named "Prom 2023" from artist Aaron Stansberry caused an emotional scene as Tiffany gazed over all of the heartfelt signed messages with tears in her eyes."

Norwegian Cruise Line x Peeta


Norwegian Prima’s hull art reflects the captivating and innovative design created by “Peeta” for Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest vessel. Peeta drew inspiration to create an art piece that would be visible from any vantage point, highlighting fluid shapes with unperceivable beginning and ends, like the ocean. On Norwegian Prima, blue swirls are depicted as freely moving over the hull, mimicking the undulating movement of water.

Kunst Museum Winterthur x Sylvie Fleury - Shoplifters From Venus


For the first time in over fifteen years, the Kunst Museum Winterthur presents a comprehensive solo exhibition of the artist’s work in Switzerland. Alongside iconic pieces, new works realized especially for the exhibition will be on display. Together, they provide an insight into the diverse and consist



For this new exhibition, FLUCTUART invites 8 artists from the urban art scene to tackle the theme of recycling in all its forms. Old books, aluminium cans, used plastic bottles or old cardboard boxes are all elements that seem uninteresting to many of us. However, they constitute an incredible reservoir of resources for urban artists who compete in ingenuity by cutting, assembling or painting them. It is in the folds, cracks and marks of time that their imagination wanders… Ememem, Evazésir, Jibé, Joachim Romain, FKDL, Le Diamantaire, Madame and My Dog Sighs mix elements from yesterday and today. Whether it is in a logic of respect for resources and the environment or for the evocative power of objects that have already had a history, they integrate used materials into their creative process. A second life is offered to them and a new story is written through an original exhibition that invites young and old alike to question their relationship with objects and the environment. Évazésir, Evol, FKDL, Jibé, Le Diamantaire, Madame and My Dog Sighs are invited to create a new work in Fluctuart.

















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