K(not) Paintings



You are cordially invited to an intimate evening of art at Patrick Jones Gallery. 


All new works by Milo Boat and Jesus P. Belmont. 


Two contemporary artists on the forefront of a new wave of mixed mediums, Jesus Pedraglio Belmont and Milo Baon, come together for a group exhibition redefining how "paintings" can be created. 


WHEN: August 27, 2022 from 7 pm - 10 pm 


WHERE: Patrick Jones Gallery 1400 Hi Line Dr, Ste 122, Dallas, TX 75207 


Permanently residing in the celebrity collections of Neymar, Pau Gasol, Juan Mata and Marc Márquez, Milo Baon has come out of nowhere to take on the Spanish art scene. "I love painting portraits, but my obsession is my hands. I was born deaf, I had lost 70% of my hearing and had to operate seven times to regain my hearing. And my way of communicating was my hands." 


Prominently collected in South America and Miami, Jesus Pedraglio Belmont's work proposes a construction in which the thread becomes the canvas and painting, he proposes the union between the geometric and the organic using unusual materials to investigate the formal structure and the vibration / tension of color.





1400 Hi Line Dr. #122
Dallas, TX 75207

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Tuesday–Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Closed Sunday–Monday

We are also available for private showings.



1400 Hi Line Dr. #122
Dallas, TX 75207
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