A new exhibition featuring the works of Michelle Sakhai and J Antonio Farfan will open on April 29, 2023. The exhibition titled "Innerbloom" showcases the captivating artworks of both artists, and their unique styles and perspectives. The artworks on display are a testament to the artists' evolution as individuals and their profound exploration of the abstract and metaphysical concepts in their creative process.


Michelle Sakhai, a renowned artist known for her emotionally transformative and spiritually expansive artworks, reflects on her own development as a person and an artist. "As we go through different phases of life and experience the change of seasons, we learn more about ourselves and perhaps unite with a deeper part that finds ourselves evolving and developing with time," says Sakhai. "This show encompasses my development both on a soul level and as an artist - unifying the abstract and my formal background as a plein-air painter. Using metal leaf and oils on canvas, my process is emotionally transformative and spiritually expansive." 


J Antonio Farfan, an accomplished artist with a distinct style that draws inspiration from medieval philosophy and surrealism, explores the interplay between static and dynamic symbols, man-made machines, and organic forms in his artworks. "Static and dynamic symbols live, rotate, grow, die and explode underneath vaporous clouds of color or find respite in an interior structure," describes Farfan. "Man-made machines move with intention surrounded by organic forms that grow and live simultaneously with their newer counterparts. There's an intentional effort at attracting the viewer into contemplation and further investigation of light and dark and even the question of perception. The artist's vocabulary is heavily influenced by medieval philosophy and surrealism with a strong link to metaphysical concerns and measurable reality which include man-made concepts and machines."


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1400 Hi Line Dr. #122
Dallas, TX 75207
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