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Discovering and supporting emerging artists can be an exciting journey for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. At our gallery, we believe in presenting a thoughtfully curated selection of artists, catering to both novice, and seasoned, collectors. We would like to share some of the insights to our decisions on collecting with our clients in a monthly blog. This month's focus lies on artists who have been making waves in the media with their artistic contributions. 


We often hear the question, "How can I identify the next big thing?" Everyone in the art world has a desire to discover groundbreaking artists who have the potential to become iconic figures. As much as we would love a crystal ball, there is no way to predict the market. However, our approach isn’t as complex as one might think. It involves keeping your ear to the ground, and paying attention to the artists generating buzz on social media platforms, or receiving recognition from news outlets. 


Social media platforms have become a dynamic breeding ground for emerging talents, acting as a virtual gallery where artists can showcase their work and connect with a global audience. These platforms have democratized the art world, providing a space for artists to gain visibility and garner attention. Consequently, we keep a close eye on artists who are creating a buzz online, as they are often on the brink of entering the spotlight. 


Another method we use is to pay attention to those who are partnering with brands on projects. These are a great way to draw attention to quite literally anything the company has in mind. When you research an artist and they are in publications, several large collections, as well as the creative behind a branding project, it provides a sense of provenance.


Our current selection of artists includes notable names such as Daniel Arsham and Heliobray. Although others may not be widely renowned yet, they have already attracted significant attention surrounding their artistic endeavors. By featuring artists like Aaron Stansberry and Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, we aim to provide our audience with an opportunity to discover and support these talented individuals at an early stage in their careers.


As you tune in monthly to our gallery, you'll have the chance to explore a newly selected batch of artists who we think are worth keeping an eye on. Whether you're simply an admirer, or looking to add to your collection, we invite you to join us in celebrating the creativity and potential of these artists. Keep an eye out for our upcoming showcases, as you never know when you might stumble upon something you love. Learn about the exciting projects they have recently, and keep your eyes on them!



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